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About Kamada

Creative Start-Up Business

Kamada Startup Solutions Inc. is a private consulting company located in Toronto, Canada. At Kamada, we help innovative local and international startups establish and grow successfully in Canada by conducting market research, feasibility study and business plan for them as well as providing them with financial & business advisory and coaching services.
With a diversified and technologically advanced economy, it is no surprise that Canada is a home and an attractive destination to many startups and tech companies and our goal is to help them adopt the necessary and right tools, community, and support to build their successful business.
We also provide in-depth assistance to connect investors and entrepreneurs to ensure the startup has a strong foundation going forward.

Startup Business in Canada

Step By Step

Kamada Services

  • Idea Development
  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies
  • Structuring/Restructuring
  • Business Plan Report
  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Business Strategic Advisory
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Capital Structure Advisory
  • Business Loan
  • Cost Studies
  • Equity Funding
  • Brand Naming
  • Establish Brand Look & Feel
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Detailed Photography
  • Detailed Videography
  • Establish Message and Tone Of Business
  • Creation of Logos or Iconography
  • Creative Designs for Advertisement Campaign
  • Establishing Digital Strategy
  • Optimizing Website Design with Brand Requirements
  •  Integrating Social Media Development
  •  Optimizing Printing Design with Brand Requirements
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Sale Services
  • Due Diligence ReportMergers & Acquisition
  • Business Acquisition ServicesDeal Negotiations
  • Leadership Basics
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Diversity
  • Harassment
  • Team Building
  • Management Style
  • Performance Management

Our Skills

Let’s talking about the percentages

In Kamada Startup Solutions Company, all of the Startup programs are divided into 4 main parts that you should have a plan for each of them. Each of them has its own importance percentage. You have to pass them step by step.
The parts are:

Business Idea
Business Inovation
Business Development
Business Implementation

Business Idea

Business Innovation

Business Development

Business Implementation

Countdown 2021

New beginnings, new ideas, new energy, and your old perseverance shall bring a new spark of success in your lie & business . May this new year be full of all the excitement and surprises

Kamada Team

Team members

Kamada Industry Sectors

Intentionally Supported by Kamada

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Technology Creative Industries Construction
Computer Software eBusiness/eCommerce Arts
Services/Professional Wirless Technology Aerospace
Manufacturing Healthcare Technology Kitchen/Food
Internet Advanced Materials Retail
Biosciences/Life Sciences Defense/Homeland Security Fashion
Electronics/Microelectronics Energy/Power Wood/Forestry
Telecommunications Environment/Clean Technoloogies Tourism
Telecommunications Environment/Clean Technoloogies Tourism
Computer Hardware Logestics/Delivery Manpower
Medical Devices Nanotechnology Media

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    About Us

    Kamada’s goal is to help people to create and grow their young businesses by providing them with the necessary support and financial and technical services.