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Who We Are?

Creative Start-Up Business.

Kamada, Team of Experienced Business Consultants that Assist International START-UP Companies and Immigrants to Develop their Business in Canada.

Our Goal is to provide support and resources to help entrepreneurs and startup businesses overcome the challenges they face when starting or growing a business in Canada as a foreign country. This can include providing access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, Branding and Marketing strategies, as well as guidance on immigration and legal matters. The aim is to help these startups and immigrants achieve success by providing them with the tools and support they need to create jobs, grow their businesses, and contribute to the local economy.

By accelerating the success of international startups and immigrants, the goal is to create a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Kamada is a Canadian professional immigration business plan writer which help you secure your visa program for Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Start-Up Visa (SUV), International Mobility Program (IMP) categories like Intra-Company Transfer (ICT), Self-Employed Visa and other categories.

Startup Business in Canada

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What Kamada do?

  • Immigration Business Plan For
    • SUV – Start-Up Visa Program Business Plan
    Qualified for foreign entrepreneurs and innovators with globally competitive business ideas
    • PNP- Provincial Nominee Program Business Plan
    Aspiring business owners with relevant entrepreneurial and management experience
    • Self-Employed Persons Program Business Plan
    Highly successful self-employed in cultural or athletic activities
    • International Mobility Program (IMP) and all the LMIA exemption codes:
    1- ICT -Intra-Company Transferee
    Top executives, managers, or other highly skilled employees or founders international companies
    2- C11-C10-C12-Work Permit Program Business Plan
    Self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs who would like to run or buy a business or franchise in Canada
  • Business Plan for Individuals

We provide mentoring services, business plan report and financial consulting services in relation to fundraising for the development of your business in Canada

  • Branded Business Plan & Pitch Material design

A branded pitch deck is a visual presentation that is used to communicate a start-up’s value proposition, business model, and growth potential which is typically made for Business Incubators, A branded pitch deck should reflect the company’s brand and communicate its message clearly and effectively.
A pitch deck, provides a summary of your full company strategy and is designed to pique their interest in your business concept or expansion plans. Our eye-catching, skillfully and expertly written pitch decks will persuade your audience to read more of your business plan, which will help you get the funding or support you require.

  • Branding and Corporate Identity Design

They are important components of a company’s marketing strategy. Branding refers to the creation of a unique name, symbol, or design that distinguishes a company from others. Corporate identity design encompasses the visual elements that make up a company’s brand, such as its logo, color scheme, typography, and imagery. The goal of both branding and corporate identity design is to create a consistent and recognizable image that reflects the values and personality of a company and helps to build trust and recognition with its target audience.

  • Start-up Business marketing material

The specific marketing materials a start-up uses will depend on its target audience, budget, and goals, but a well-rounded mix of different materials can help to establish a strong brand and build a customer base.
Some common start-up marketing materials include:
Website, Brochures, Business cards, social media, Content marketing, Email campaigns.

Coaching and Mentoring for Start-up Visa refers to a program or initiative aimed at providing support to immigrant entrepreneurs who are participating in the Start-up Visa program. This program provides mentorship and guidance to these entrepreneurs, helping them to navigate the challenges of starting a business in a new country.
Coaching and mentoring services for start-up visa participants typically include one-on-one sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and business experts, as well as access to a network of resources and support. The goal is to help start-ups establish and grow their businesses, overcome any obstacles they may face, and succeed in their new country. The focus of these services may include areas such as business planning, market research, legal and regulatory compliance, and fundraising.

This includes assistance with legal and regulatory requirements, business registration, access to office space and networking opportunities, help with finding and hiring local talent, and support with cultural adaptation
Our Goal of business soft landing is to provide a supportive environment that helps the business navigate the challenges of starting up in a new market and accelerates its path to success.
Post-landing services for start-ups are designed to provide ongoing support to help the business sustain and grow in the new market. This can include continued access to office space, further networking and business development opportunities, mentorship and guidance, and support with scaling the business.
Our Goal of business post-landing services is to ensure that the start-up has the resources and support it needs to succeed in the long-term
Additionally Assist and support international start-up businesses with arranging excellent financing options, strategies, Startup Funding and Fund Rising.

An extensive feasibility analysis is needed for start-ups to assess their possibilities of successfully completing projects. Businesses employ feasibility studies to evaluate a project’s possible advantages and disadvantages.
Start-up Feasibility Study and Market Research are important steps for entrepreneurs when starting a new business. A feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of a proposed project, product or business idea, and helps to determine if the project is worth pursuing. It considers factors such as market demand, competition, production costs, and potential return on investment.
Market research, on the other hand, involves gathering information about target markets, competitors, and customer needs. This information helps entrepreneurs understand their market and the potential demand for their product or service.
Conducting a feasibility study and market research is crucial for start-ups as it helps them determine the viability of their business idea, and make informed decisions about how to proceed. It provides valuable insights into the market, helps identify potential challenges and opportunities, and allows start-ups to develop a solid business plan and strategy.

  • Start-Up Visa Candidates

Start-Up Visa is a program designed to attract entrepreneurial talent and innovation to Canada by providing visas to foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business here. Kamada Assist Start-Up Visa Applicants and team typically entrepreneurs and innovators in navigating the application process, preparing the required documents, and increasing the chances of approval by professional business plan.

  • Business Immigration Programs

Business immigration programs are designed to allow individuals with entrepreneurial skills and experience to immigrate to Canada for the purpose of starting or investing in a business. Kamada provides assistance and guidance to Immigrants interested in applying for Provincial Nominee (PNP) and International Mobility Program (IMP) like Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Program including information on eligibility requirements, application processes, and potential challenges. The goal of a business immigration advisory service is to help entrepreneurs successfully navigate the immigration process and establish their business in Canada.

  • Start-Up Business Development

We assist entrepreneurs throughout every stage of the start-up process, from concept generation to feasibility studies, from market research and financial modeling to creating the business plan and securing funding.
No matter what kind of business you want to launch in Canada, KAMADA will offer expert advice at every stage.

We assess the potential of a proposed business idea and provide feedback and recommendations to the individual or team behind the idea.
We offer your business Idea evaluation at no cost. The goal of a free business idea evaluation is to help entrepreneurs validate their ideas and make informed decisions about proceeding with the development and launch of their business in Canada.

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